Head of Business Development

Salary: Competitive

Location: Bristol, England, United Kingdom, London, England, United Kingdom

HR Director, Victoria James


The Head of Business Development is responsible for the ongoing commercial success of Great State by developing new revenue streams from new clients

Great State have ambitions to grow by 20% annually in order to achieve: greater commercial success, solve interesting new challenges for different clients and bring exciting new talent into the business. The new business function is critical in delivering this growth.

The Head of Business Development will:

  • Work with the CEO and MD to input into the New Business Strategy for the year
  • Develop and own the partner strategy
  • Manage the outbound agency
  • Triage new business opportunities so that swift decisions can be made on the whether we will respond
  • Oversee some pitches and RFP responses


New Business Strategy

You will work with the CEO and MD to input into the new business strategy for the year. This will cover the following activities:

  • Agree core targets for the year (defined by the CEO)
  • Input into target sectors
  • Define the partner strategy
  • Help to define campaign structure and content
  • Agree roles and responsibilities
  • Review effectiveness and refine the approach via a monthly new business report that will be reviewed at the board meeting.

Develop and own the partner strategy

You will work with the New Business team and wider contacts throughout the agency to define and execute the partner strategy. Ensuring each stage of the process is delivered to the highest quality to maximise the effectiveness of our activity.

Define the key partners

  • Work with CEO and MD to agree key partnerships
    • Core partners assumed to be; Sitecore, Adobe, Salesforce, Umbraco
    • Additional partners may include AI / Data / SEO partners
  • Work with department heads to understand and expand internal capability with partner technologies
  • Develop relationships with key personnel in partner organisations


Manage outbound agency

You will own the relationship with our outbound new business agency – currently The Future Factory - ensuring that the outbound agency are briefed and managed to support campaigns and wider new business objectives – so their activity leads to qualified meetings with the right sectors and individuals. Specifically:

  • Define the remit for the outbound agency within the context of the wider new business strategy
  • Brief them on their broader annual objectives
  • Develop a defined method for briefing and working with them on each campaign that covers briefing, ongoing performance reviews and post project debriefs
    • Methods of working should be documented so that others can pick up in your absence
    • Methods of working should evolve over time to continually represent best practice
  • Attend or arrange others to attend credentials meetings / calls
  • Ensure that there is a targeted and relevant nurture / CRM programme to follow up all contacts and leads over the long term
  • Ensure that Pipedrive is kept up to date
  • Review their performance on a quarterly basis and feedback accurately and clearly


Triage new business opportunities

You will manage all leads and opportunities that come into the business and respond within the following timeframes:

  • Confirmation of receipt within 24 hours
  • Go / No Go decision within 72 hours

To achieve these timeframes you will make extra efforts to ensure that new opportunities are reviewed by yourself before being reviewed by a wider team and inappropriate opportunities are rejected. Relevant opportunities then need to be shared in a way that it is easy for the SMT to respond, assumed at a basic level to be:

  • One sentence summary of the opportunity
  • Bullet point list of services required
  • Bullet point list of reasons why we should go for this
  • Bullet point list of reasons why we should not
  • Clear outine of the pitch process and timings

By triaging opportunities more effectively, the wider SMT will be more engaged in the process and we will buy ourselves time for each relevant response


Oversee pitches and RFP responses

As Head of Business Development, a successful pitch is the final link in the chain, all other activity is irrelevant if we do not convert pitch opportunities. The outcome that the Head of Business Development is paid to achieve is pitch success and so it is important that pitches get sufficient attention.

You will agree and appoint a pitch lead – it may be you, it may be someone else, but the leader needs to be appointed and empowered.

General support:

  • Prepare a weekly report of pitch support requirements for discussion at the Monday morning meeting
  • Ensure that regular review points are defined and adhered to
  • Be very familiar with the brief and challenge the team to ensure that the response is on brief
  • Challenge the team to ensure that clients have a reason to buy and that this is expressed throughout the response.
  • Ensure that there are at least 2 reviews, or rehearsals, plenty of time before the deadline
  • Escalate to SMT if members of the team are not delivering

When you are leading the process

In addition to the above:

  • Ensure that resource is available, booked and briefed
  • Ensure that the overall approach is agreed by all relevant parties early in the process
  • Provide all relevant support documents to the team (either from the client or from previous responses that we can reuse)
  • Enthuse and energise the team
  • Define quality standards for the pitch and drive the team to achieve them

We should be targeting a 50% win ratio. Actual win ratio should be reported on a monthly and rolling 12 month basis


Report effectively the success of campaigns and all marketing activity

The Head of Business Development will define a series of monthly reports that will be presented at the board meeting. Below are some basic thoughts that should be included:

  • Value of new business wins in previous month / rolling previous 12 months
  • Pitches / RFPs in previous month / rolling previous 12 months
  • Win ratio for previous month / rolling previous 12 months
  • Number of leads under management and how warm they are, percentage changes from previous month
  • Budget tracking (financial and resource)

Performance related bonus

For this objective alone, new business income follows the following criteria:

  • New business into the Great State business
  • The value is from estimated project value at the point of the pitch
  • The work does not need to be delivered in the financial year
  • All new business income counts towards the target irrespective of your direct involvement



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