Delivering on the promise of personalisation: in collaboration with Sitecore

11 July 2018 The Lighterman, London. 8.30-11am

In this hands-on breakfast session, Great State will demonstrate how marketers can deliver effective personalisation programmes using Sitecore 9’s machine learning capabilities.

We’ll explore how integrating headless features with emerging technologies such as Voice and AI will ensure you keep pace with consumer expectations and provide clear ROI for your brand.

Personalisation has been proven to provide a great return on digital investment for your business, however, many marketers struggle to implement it effectively. A recent report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) points to too few dedicated personnel - along with the complexixty of implementaton - as the biggest barriers. Great State will show you how to build the right foundations to overcome these hurdles nad prepare for a future using machine learning. Using Sitecore’s full suite of tools, our expert Experience and Engineering teams can improve your customer engagement and support your enterprises internally. All with the intention of increasing up-selling and cross-selling, enabling you to achieve higher conversion rates and to increase brand loyalty.

We are delighted to be joined by John Penfold, leading product expert at Sitecore, who will demonstrate how Sitecore 9’s xConnect service layer is transforming the future of personalised experiences by centralising data and integrating Cortex, Sitecore’s forthcoming machine learning feature, which will deliver better-targeted experiences for your audiences and a more complete marketing experience across the board.

The event includes hands-on break-out sessions to help you engage with the Sitecore platform and understand how to plan an agile programme of swift delivery cycles that will prepare you for a future where you will be able to:

• Profile customers based on their content consumption

• Build smart attribution models

• Drive self-learning engagement scoring

• Power automatic content tagging and intelligent recommendations

• Deliver real time, instant judgement supporting your goals, customers and unique context of every interaction

Places are complimentary for senior brand leaders only. Suppliers need not apply.

Spaces are limited. Book your ticket now to avoid disappointment.