Delivering on the promise of personalisation seminar with Sitecore, 11 July

Join us on 11 July at The Lighterman, King’s Cross, London, to gain valuable insights and practical advice on ways to transform your customers’ experience with Machine Learning, Headless Features and Voice technology.

Personalisation continues to be a top priority for a large number of brands. A survey by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) showed that 42% are making this a key area of focus as they continue to compete on experience and ever-changing customer expectations.

However, many are finding themselves faced with a number of barriers, preventing them from delivering at scale, or to even get started with personalisation. A recent report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) points to “too few dedicated personnel” as the biggest barrier to personalisation with 74% of companies acknowledging this.

A decade of platform innovation

Sitecore has brought the power of personalisation to marketers for nearly 10 years, since the launch of its Online Marketing Suite with Sitecore 6.1 in 2009. Its personalisation features have evolved considerably since then and the future roadmap is promising some exciting new developments later this year.

Sitecore’s cloud-based experience database (xDB) collects, stores and uses customer data in a way that can be scaled independently of content management and delivery services.

Sitecore’s xConnect service layer enables brands to bring together disparate systems to feed in or use customer data to enhance experiences throughout the omnichannel world we live in – for example by integrating Voice Activated Devices, Virtual Reality and Internet of Things (IoT).

Despite these advancements, few brands have fully exploited the opportunities of personalisation. Sitecore admits that 75% of their customers are only using 25% of the features available in the platform.

Now’s the time to get started

With rising customer expectations, competitor acceleration and mature platform capabilities, the business case for personalisation has never been stronger. It’s time to get started now before you get left behind.

Great State, a leading Sitecore Gold partner, works with brands to implement a rapid, iterative personalisation programme to keep them ahead.

AI-enabled personalisation

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will start to play a much bigger role in enabling personalisation in 2018. The processing and evaluation of large amounts of data to inform what and how to personalise, and the skilled resource this requires, has slowed progress for a lot of brands.

Sitecore recognise these challenges and have answered it in the form of Cortex, first announced in Sitecore 9 but expected to be released in Sitecore 9.1 in Autumn 2018. As the name suggests it acts as a brain, using machine learning algorithms to supercharge the intelligence of the platform. Great State is one of the few partners working with Sitecore at the early stages of this new capability to bring it to clients first.

In combination with Sitecore’s XConnect service layer, Cortex will be able to consume data from a range of sources (including web, apps and voice) and deliver personalised experiences back to every customer touchpoint.

Join our working breakfast seminar

If you’re a Sitecore customer or are considering the platform for your business, and want practical support in getting started with personalisation or how to scale it, then come to Great State’s next working breakfast seminar, Delivering on the promise of personalisation in London on 11th July 2018.

The event combines expert insight, a Sitecore xConnect demonstration and a practical break-out session to help you engage with the Sitecore platform and understand how to plan an agile programme of swift delivery cycles.

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