Great State talks with Martin Parr

We were delighted to welcome Martin Parr, the renowned British photographer, to our latest Great State talks event in Bristol.

He discussed his commercial work at length, giving the packed audience a rare insight into the many campaigns he has delivered over the years for clients as wide ranging as Paul Smith and the Ibis Hotel group. He also introduced the Martin Parr Foundation, which has recently opened at Paintworks, where Great State has its founding office.

Of the foundation Parr says, “Post-war British documentary photography continues to be underappreciated and I wanted to make a small contribution to rectify this. The Martin Parr Foundation will support and preserve the legacy of photographers who made, and continue to make, important work focused on the British Isles.”

Great State’s Creative Directors, Jack Ashdown and Nick Horne, opened the evening by exploring the value of authentic voice for brands. They shared key insights into the positive impacts for brands who have learned to ‘act like human beings’ to win trust and empathy – an approach we follow for our award-winning campaigns for clients such as the Royal Navy and Bristol Airport.

The topic chimes well with Parr’s commercial work as well as in his recent 2017 series of idents for the BBC. Parr’s wry and acutely honest observations of life at home and abroad translate into arresting campaigns that challenge traditional advertising approaches, often selecting people off the street to promote a brand’s products or services.

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