Okey Dokey – our new digital tool

Several large organisations – Accor, Barclays, MyGov.Scot and The British Heart Foundation to name a few – have licensed our new social media tool, Okey Dokey.

They’re loving it (they’re even talking about it in The Drum) so we thought we’d explain more about how it works and what it can do for you.

What is Okey Dokey?

It’s a new digital tool that helps people quickly and easily create content for social media, then get it approved and published.

OD 2

What does it help companies do?

Okey Dokey provides a safe way of allowing colleagues to become content creators, giving them the opportunity to contribute to the brand’s social channels, without the risk of inappropriate content being published.

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Above: An example of inappropriate content.

How does it work?

Using Okey Dokey, anyone can create content. That content is then checked – ‘swipe right to approve’. And if enough ‘checkers’ say it’s good to go, it’s published automatically. If the threshold isn’t reached, then no harm done. Simple, no?

How’s it being used?

Okey Dokey’s mostly being used to help large organisations take a more local approach to social.

For example, a shop, venue or branch-based business can set up local accounts for each of the communities in which it operates. Using Okey Dokey, frontline colleagues in those areas can then create content for their account and a central or more experienced team can check that content prior to publication.

This means that even big chains can behave more like local independents in social – creating content that reflects and supports all that’s going on in their area (something we know consumers expect and value).

Why couldn’t large organisations do all this before?

Previously it had been prohibitively expensive to put a marketer or community manager in each store, venue or branch. But without this kind of person on the ground locally, organisations had been too concerned about off-brand or damaging content being published.

Why is Okey Dokey better than what’s already out there?

For quite a few reasons:

  • It’s mobile first: In a local setting (especially one where you’re dealing directly with customers) staff are often unlikely to have easy access to a desktop – but this kind of mobile-first solution suits their needs perfectly.

  • It’s not reliant on emails: The whole process happens on the Okey Dokey platform, rather than alerting you via email, asking you to approve via email because, come on, who needs more emails in their inbox?

  • It’s simple and easy to use: Since we’ve radically simplified the process and the interface, even unsophisticated users of social media have found it easy to pick up and use.

  • It solves one problem really well: Okey Dokey takes the hassle and risk out of approval. Without this, organisations suffer from too great a fear factor when it comes to local social accounts.

How’s it going?

Very well thanks. The British Heart Foundation are using it to create a local voice for their shops. Barclays are using it to power regional accounts and support their community banking. Accor are using it to get colleagues to share and show off what’s going on in and around each of their hotels. And Barclays Eagle Labs (their co-working spaces) are using it to connect with local entrepreneurs and start-up communities around each Lab.

Why did we create Okey Dokey in the first place?

Aside from all the benefits Okey Dokey brings to large organisations, there are a few things it’s helped us do at Great State too. It’s an example of us practicing what we preach – that is, being brave enough to create a first; keeping up with what consumers expect of large organisations; and building services with huge potential to scale.

And, as Okey Dokey is our own IP, we’ve created a new revenue stream for Great State as well. It’s not easy to create something as simple, useful and scalable as Okey Dokey. But it pays to give it a go.

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