Our new thought leadership series: the battle to own the leisure travel consumer

In keeping with our mission to help businesses remain relevant in a connected world, over the next two months we’ll be investigating exactly what leisure travel companies need to do to increase their share of the customer’s attention, spend and data.

From airlines to travel agents, aggregators to hotel groups, the digital age has blurred traditional industry lines, with suppliers now fighting for the consumer’s attention with experience-driven strategies that reach beyond their traditional products and services.

Our series begins with an insight by Matt Boffey, Director of Consulting, into the state of the airline industry, focusing on Ryanair, now the fifth largest airline on the planet - and the largest in Europe – with over 112 million passengers per year. Despite revealing the worst gender pay gap in the airline industry, and on top of last year’s cancellation of the flights of nearly 700,000 passengers, Ryanair’s fortunes are flying high. But, with an increasing array of competitors, including Google, vying to own the leisure traveller, we’ve analysed exactly how airlines like Ryanair need to improve their customer experience in order to stay relevant.