Accelerating delivery with Adobe

We are an award-winning Bronze Adobe partner, helping clients deliver growth at pace. We use deep consumer insight and innovative thinking to create rich, personalised experiences across multiple digital channels.

We have a rich heritage in the digital space and have amassed over 20 years’ experience in digital products, experience, emerging technologies and platforms. We specialise in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics and Magento, working with mid-market organisations through to global brands and government, such as the Royal Navy, Deliveroo, Barclays, Orange and the National Trust.

Our 80+-strong consulting, experience and engineering practices have delivered both a range of discrete projects using the Adobe platform and specific components as part of a federated development model, bringing fresh thinking, agility, pace and efficiency-gains to the business, most recently working with Honda Europe. Adobe are market leaders for Digital Experience Platforms for completeness of vision and strategic direction as well as their ability to execute, as highlighted on Gartner and Forester reports. The platform provides market-leading capabilities, enhanced by its AI engine (Sensei). This includes advanced content authoring, management and delivery, audience profiling and segmentation, analytics, data management, personalisation and marketing automation.

Digital Foundation Accelerator Package

Working with Adobe, Great State have developed a rapid delivery approach called the Digital Foundation Accelerator Package. This provides clients with the foundations necessary to exploit the long-term benefits of Adobe quickly and affordably. A dedicated Great State team will deliver a packaged set of features in just 12 weeks for a competitive fixed price. This includes the delivery of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Analytics Essentials & Adobe Target Essentials, all underpinned by Adobe Managed Services based on industry-leading, secure, scalable, highly-available and global infrastructure.

Gary Trimnell - Technical Director

“Adobe Experience Manager is a future-proof, secure and scalable platform, capable of delivering highly complex solutions at a global scale.”

Gary Trimnell, Great State Technical Director

Ally Hamilton - AEM Lead Architect

“Adobe’s comprehensive suite of products, powered by the AI engine, Sensei, enables us to efficiently deliver intelligent and relevant experiences in real-time.”

Ally Hamilton, Great State AEM Lead Architect

The Royal Navy

Lead digital partner

Guaranteeing future capability and helping to protect our nation’s interests.

Over the past six years, following GDS principles, we have led the Royal Navy’s strategic digital programme.

We build continuous improvement through a programme of regular digital deliveries that sit under the broad umbrella of strategic transformation. This ensures both the real-time monitoring of impact and the securing of long term success.

To grasp the full scale and complexity of the Navy's needs, we have worked directly with the First Sea Lord and his executive team. We have spent many hours on board navy ships, to gain a deep understanding of the culture, user behaviours and needs.

The outcome is an ongoing program of award-winning digital projects. Recently we've overhauled the digital recruitment offering, engaging with potential recruits from their first digital touchpoints to their long-term career experience; increasing applicant registrations by over a third.

We have been shortlisted for no less than 15 awards including the DADIs, BIMAs, Digital Impact Awards and Personnel Today. Our careers page re-design was voted in the top three most engaging and impactful careers website by the Times Top 100 Graduate recruitment awards.


North Star

We established a clear business and brand ambition for the UK’s fastest growing tech firm.

Deliveroo - founded in 2013, but already in 13 markets internationally - had huge ambitions.

To ensure its growth trajectory was sustainable and its brand's appeal universal, we worked with Deliveroo’s CEO, Marketing and Growth teams on a global plan to outpace the likes of Uber Eats, Just Eat, FoodPanda and more.

Our work encompassed developing a new long-term 'North Star' for the brand; identifying key target audiences and opportunities for growth; and defining messaging hierarchies and activation briefs across the marketing mix.

All this gave Deliveroo the direction it needed to take one of the UK’s first ‘unicorn’ companies to the next level of global growth.


Global brand guardians

Orange operates across 80 Countries and 220 territories offering a wide range of products and services to a diverse, growing audience in an ever-changing digital environment. A key challenge they face is maintaining a consistent Orange brand globally, across their wide range of products and services and varied, global audience base.

We have created and maintain an award-winning, immersive, responsive global brand platform that enables users to learn as they explore, while experiencing the new guidelines first-hand and on the move.

The site is accessed annually by over 10,000 Orange employees and 3rd party agencies across 29 countries and lies at the heart of the Orange brand expression. It forms the central point for its global roll-out and management, forming a critical component in the brand's reputation around the world.


Lead strategic digital partner

For Honda Europe we created a platform to transform their financing data for cars and motorcycles into a public API and integrated into Adobe Experience Manager. The solution had to support different financing structures and multiple modes of financing for each of the 17 European regions.

The existing systems for calculating and validating financing involved a series of complex spreadsheets. Rather than re-create this logic, we took an approach which simplified the process.

The solution provided Honda with the ability to upload and run calculations on the pre-existing spreadsheets directly in Microsoft Azure using a highly available API driven microservice cloud architecture.

This approach provided Honda with many benefits:

  • Deliver the solution quickly and cost-effectively
  • Removed the need to learn a new interface to make updates
  • Minimised duplication of effort for future updates
  • Reduced risk of error, by not replicating the logic
  • Potential to improve security controls with future integration into Office 365