Dissatisfaction Guaranteed Consumer expectations keep rising.

If brands don’t find new ways to impress, they’ll rapidly slide into irrelevance.

How we stop the slide

  1. We prioritise your growth challenges and help you write your brief.

  2. We understand the needs and expectations of your stakeholders and consumers.

  3. We define your compelling vision for how your brand can best serve them.

  4. We spot opportunities for new digital products, services and experiences to deliver your vision at scale.

Royal British Legion

North Star

We established a clear business and brand ambition for the UK’s fastest growing tech firm.

Deliveroo - founded in 2013, but already in 13 markets internationally - had huge ambitions.

To ensure its growth trajectory was sustainable and its brand's appeal universal, we worked with Deliveroo’s CEO, Marketing and Growth teams on a global plan to outpace the likes of Uber Eats, Just Eat, FoodPanda and more.

Our work encompassed developing a new long-term 'North Star' for the brand; identifying key target audiences and opportunities for growth; and defining messaging hierarchies and activation briefs across the marketing mix.

All this gave Deliveroo the direction it needed to take one of the UK’s first ‘unicorn’ companies to the next level of global growth.


Global football

We helped adidas increase its global soccer sales by €300 million and overtake Nike as the world’s biggest football brand.

To drive brand and commercial leadership, we defined adidas’s most influential consumers and their attitudes to culture, design and technology as well as playing football. To win them back, we pinpointed an overall need for adidas to shift its marketing model – from visibility to talkability.

This shift informed the brand’s approach across the board – including how it developed its products, services, sponsorships, retail and digital marketing activity. Last year, adidas increased global soccer sales by €300 million and have now overtaken Nike as the world’s biggest football brand.


Growth strategy

We helped Anchor to define a new growth strategy capable of recruiting over 1 million new buyers and upping sales in the UK by 25%.

With its tired brand and a declining core user base, Anchor was losing market share to the likes of Flora, Country Life and Bertolli - and failing to justify its premium price point.

To reignite the brand’s appeal and commercial performance, we developed a growth strategy that encompassed a new definition of Anchor’s target market, sales and penetration goals, a new brand strategy as well as briefs for marketing and innovation activity.

All this gave Anchor the fresh direction it need to get to number 2 in the BSM market - without stealing share from Lurpak, the other powerbrand in Arla Foods’ portfolio.


Breakthrough growth

In a single year, we helped Quorn increase its total revenues by 7% by growing its consumer base by 2 million.

Because there were only limited gains to be made by focusing on Quorn’s core target of vegetarians, we defined the opportunity for breakthrough growth and created a plan to deliver it.

To increase appeal, we defined which consumers Quorn could credibly market to. We identified that Quorn could drive demand amongst active families if they stopped positioning the brand as a ‘meat substitute’ for vegetarians – and instead focused on being a healthy and high protein ingredient.

We then understood the needs and expectations of those consumers and the corresponding products, packaging, identity and marketing required to deliver growth. In a single year, Quorn grew its consumer base by 2 million and its total revenues by 7%.

Okey Dokey

Okey Dokey

We’ve licensed our new social media tool – Okey Dokey – to several large organisations including Barclays and The British Heart Foundation.

Okey Dokey is our proprietary digital tool which helps people quickly and easily create content for social media, then get it approved and published.

Okey Dokey provides a safe way of allowing all employees to become content creators, giving them the opportunity to contribute to a brand’s social channels, without the risk of inappropriate content being published.

Several large organisations – including Barclays, Accor, MyGov.Scot and The British Heart Foundation – have licensed Okey Dokey to help them take a more local approach to social, giving their frontline staff a voice and driving community engagement.


Break new markets

We helped the Jaguar F-Pace become the fastest-selling car in the brand’s 94-year history by developing a new brand vision, model proposition and integrated strategy.

Jaguar was pinning huge hopes on the global launch of its new crossover SUV. We ensured Jaguar would appeal to a range of markets and inspire the right brand perceptions.

We defined the attitudes and desires of consumers in key growth markets like the US, China and Western Europe and created a new positioning and global marketing plan to shake off Jaguar’s ‘rich old white man’ image.

Our work helped the Jaguar F-Pace become the fastest-selling car in the brand’s 94-year history.

Royal British Legion

Serving the Armed Forces community

We delivered an organisation-wide transformation plan that helped The Royal British Legion better serve the needs of an Armed Forces community of 6.2 million people.

The Legion needed to safeguard its future relevance to a complex set of stakeholders, so we redefined The Legion’s vision, 5 year strategy and service offering.

To ensure that this 100-year old organisation still had a role to play, we defined the attitudes and expectations of the general public, its supporters, volunteers, members and armed forces personnel.

We used this understanding to craft the Legion’s new vision and 5 year investment plan. Our work has transformed the way The Legion serves the needs of an Armed Forces community of 6.2 million people.


Break new markets

Our global vision for ASOS helped increase sales by 25% by inspiring a range of new digital services and experiences.

As ASOS expanded at home and abroad, we helped them set a clear vision, understand their consumers and define new propositions and marketing activity.

We defined ASOS’s core twenty-something audience, how their needs and attitudes differed by market and the products, services and marketing activities that would drive ongoing engagement amidst a sea of competition.

Our work helped ASOS to successfully launch into a range of global markets, increase UK sales by 25% and inspire a range of new digital services and experiences.


Brand growth

We helped Unilever’s brands to grow by delivering a breakthrough innovation process that enabled them to develop new products, services and business models.

We developed a breakthrough innovation process to help Unilever spot and seize new consumer growth opportunities for its brands.

We used this process to design new products, new services and apply new business models (including direct to consumer).

We partnered with Unilever’s Open Innovation, Licensing, Ventures and Devices teams, as well as relevant start-ups to prototype new concepts. This partnership helped Unilever accelerate their innovation process and launch more new products and services than ever before.