Our enterprise level engineering and integration maximise the effectiveness of your digital investment.

Our engineering practice has over 20 years' experience in delivering innovative tech with pace and scale.

Today's consumers have high expectations of technology. They expect personalised and tailored experiences, that are fast and always available. Expectations which are often set by new entrants without the complexities and compliance faced by large organisations.

Our engineering team tackle challenges of all sizes. From rapid prototyping and development of MVPs using the latest open source technologies and frameworks. To robust, secure and scalable global enterprise content management platforms and integration with core systems. Often taking innovative approaches to work around the challenges of large, complex and legacy platforms.

We work in multidisciplinary teams, using an agile and iterative process. Getting your digital products to market quickly, then continuing to iterate and evolve. Ensuring your products and services continually develop and keep pace with consumer expectations.

To deliver our solutions we regularly collaborate with world class partners. We have held Microsoft and Sitecore Gold partnership status for more than 10 years. We are also certified IBM Watson, Adobe and Umbraco partners.

Data security is vitally important and something we take very seriously. We are ISO accredited for quality and security, being the first UK agency to achieve ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation.


Lead strategic digital partner

For Honda Europe we created a platform to transform their financing data for cars and motorcycles into a public API and integrated into Adobe Experience Manager. The solution had to support different financing structures and multiple modes of financing for each of the 17 European regions.

The existing systems for calculating and validating financing involved a series of complex spreadsheets. Rather than re-create this logic, we took an approach which simplified the process.

The solution provided Honda with the ability to upload and run calculations on the pre-existing spreadsheets directly in Microsoft Azure using a highly available API driven microservice cloud architecture.

This approach provided Honda with many benefits:

  • Deliver the solution quickly and cost-effectively
  • Removed the need to learn a new interface to make updates
  • Minimised duplication of effort for future updates
  • Reduced risk of error, by not replicating the logic
  • Potential to improve security controls with future integration into Office 365
Bristol Airport

Lead strategic digital partner

We have been the Lead strategic digital partner for Bristol Airport the last 5 years.

The main airport website is underpinned by the Sitecore Experience Platform and requires many integrations including Chauntry car park booking system, MetOffice for up to date weather information, FlightChoice chartered flight feed for the destination pages and Airport2020 for accurate real-time arrival and departure times.

A technical challenge we faced was maintaining uptime of services when the site experiences ad-hoc, short term, high volume traffic due to adverse weather conditions or other incidents at the airport.

To minimise the impact in such an event, we implemented Rackspace's RackConnect feature to scale out into the cloud.

The View from the Shard

eCommerce partner

We implemented an ecommerce solution for The View from the Shard with a focus on optimising conversion and revenue whilst putting the customer at its heart.

The solution is deployed to Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure to ensure high availability of services and scalability to meet any increase in demand.

We used open source content management system Umbraco for its intuitive and easy to use interfaces and supported multiple languages, multiple client configurable booking funnels and tailored syndicated content.

We integrated with a number of 3rd party systems and services, including ReCreateX for ticket booking and PayPal Braintree and Ingenico for payments.

In addition, we needed to develop an additional service layer which extended the functionality of the booking API, in order to meet the client's specific requirements.

Versus Arthritis

Lead strategic partner

For Versus Arthritis, we developed an Artificial Intelligent (AI) virtual personal assistant called AVA, to provide people with arthritis with a new way to get help without relying on the Contact Centre or other direct support.

The success of the project relied heavily on close collaboration with Versus Arthritis and IBM Watson. First, we aggregated, trained and classified the vast amounts of available unstructured data. We then used IBM Watson's natural language processing algorithms to analyse and understand the question(s) being asked and return the most appropriate answer(s).

We ensured the high availability of the service, by containerising the application and using Kubernetes to orchestrate the deployment and scaling of the solution in Microsoft Azure.

We used open source API gateway Kong to handle authentication, rate limiting, data filtering and logging and the Elastic Stack to provide an interactive business intelligence dashboard to provide deep insight into how the application is being used in order to further optimise the solution.