Revitalising the student companion app and planning for its future.

What the University of York needed

The University of York came to Great State facing some key challenges with its student companion app, MyUoY. Following launch, the MyUoY product team had moved to running the app as ‘business as usual’.

Subsequent staff reduction had compounded a lack of overall product purpose, direction and velocity.

Our initial brief was to help stabilise the team, and capture and retain core knowledge about the app so development could continue.

What we did

Our first step was to embed a consultative team to discover the MyUoY landscape. While gathering ethnographic and technical insights, we realised we had an opportunity to help revitalise the app and provide it with a renewed purpose and direction aligned to York University’s strategy. So we decided to go beyond the initial brief.

Our discovery work resulted in core operational recommendations that satisfied the original requirements, but we also created a roadmap to deliver change and increase momentum over a six-month period, as well as renewing ambition and focus over the next two years.

The outcome

We established the core strength of MyUoY and assessed the issues and risks it faces.
We ensured continuity of knowledge around the app, and identified short-term wins to kick-start momentum.
And we recommended a plan of activities – and the associated staffing requirements – to turn MyUoY into a viable, valuable digital product within the university’s ecosystem, so that it can help the institution achieve its long-term strategic goals.

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