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UWE web transformation

Improving the student experience and proving the value of an agile approach.

What UWE needed

UWE wanted to improve the user experience of its Student Journey Programme. The goals were to make it easy for prospective students to find the information they need, excite them about what UWE Bristol has to offer and help them feel supported to succeed there.

In addition, UWE wanted to show senior stakeholders the benefits of replacing its traditional methods of technical delivery with an Agile approach.

What we did

We adopted a ‘one team’ approach, co-locating Great State and UWE staff. This team worked together to identify the most important user needs, and the complex technical challenges associated with meeting them. As part of the project they carried out a ‘design sprint’; a short-cycle process to answer critical business questions through prototyping and testing ideas with real customers within just one week. This approach allowed them to deliver an impressive range of features in a short time.

The outcome

Project delivery has been a great success. The new solution, based on an industry-leading Sitecore platform, enables the University to deliver personalised content over a range of channels, and supports the development and integration of associated applications and services.

Just as importantly, as phase one of UWE’s overall Web Transformation, the project proved the case for Agile. It will be the template for all future projects across the organisation. And the ‘one team’ approach meant we upskilled the UWE participants so they could take over the project with best-practices embedded.

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