We help Honda Europe identify key drivers in value from their business and deliver tangible change through rapid delivery cycles. This approach has increased revenue and created efficiencies across its car, motorbike and power product business.

We began by focusing on the increasing average revenue per user in the motorbike category by boosting the sale of high margin accessories across the range. A configuration tool was developed that integrated legacy systems with a range of micro services to deliver a solution in 4 months that achieved an instant uplift across 23 markets.

Following this initial success we have strengthened our relationship with Honda to cover a broad range of activities:

  • Strategic analysis of digital estate
  • Integration with finance systems to provide real-time quotes to customers
  • Audience research to inform new product development
  • Deployment of new digital products in the factory to increase team engagement.

For more information on our work with Honda Europe, contact Miranda Glover here.