Adobe experience manager 6.5 release

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.5 has just been released, and brings with it a suite of new features for marketing and technical teams alike.

For marketers, Adobe have enhanced the omni-channel capabilities of AEM to provide enhanced support for displays in physical venues – such as in-store screens, kiosks and networks of digital signs.

Dynamically personalised content

Content can be dynamically personalised and insights can be gathered easily via Adobe Analytics. Ecommerce can also be supported by linking up with Magento Commerce Cloud. This release brings increasing integration between the large range of capabilities Adobe now offers – implemented correctly, this could deliver many benefits and drive efficiency for businesses.

Adobe Sensei – machine learning and AI

Adobe have also been investing in the hot topic of recent years – machine learning and AI – via Adobe Sensei.

Now integrated into AEM, Adobe Sensei powers a number of features including smart tagging of media assets, visual search and possibly the most exciting feature – smart crop. Smart crop, powered by Sensei, automatically identifies and crops the most important part of a video to ensure that no matter what the size or orientation of the screen – the most impactful part of the content is shown.

For technical teams, those organisations who are using Adobe Managed Services for hosting will now find that Cloud Manager now has a shiny new autoscaling service – automatically detecting increased demand and bringing more capacity online to cope with it.

New SPA capabilities

Adobe have also acknowledged the importance of modern front-end frameworks for building websites, and the enhanced agility and maintainability they can provide, and now offer a Single-Page Application (SPA) Editor as part of AEM. The new SPA capabilities include server-side rendering of client-side frameworks for enhanced page load and SEO purposes, along with integration with Adobe Target for personalisation and Adobe Analytics for data and insights.

Continuing the theme of increased tooling for front-end frameworks, Adobe have announced GraphQL support for AEM, sitting alongside the existing support offered by Magento Commerce Cloud.

Many organisations are still running older versions of Adobe Experience Manager and are using increasingly deprecated features, such as Classic UI.

If you’d like to learn how we can help your business adopt Adobe Experience Manager 6.5, or to explore what the path to getting there might look like for you please get in touch.

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