Multi-market, multi-product, multi-persona, multi-variate.
Shifting the needle for Honda

Not all improvements to digital products have to be large-scale projects. The cumulative effect of small adjustments has the impact of major change without the risk, substantial budgets or timescales.

As Honda’s analytics partner, our mission was to take their existing digital products and make them work harder. In collaboration, we set about to improve the conversion rate of Honda’s digital platform across markets through a Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) testing plan which delivered both tangible improvements in conversions, but also valuable insight into Honda’s digital audience.

We focused on delivering insight from key areas to gain a true ‘360-degree picture’ of performance through a programme of optimisation that focused on understanding behaviours, providing actionable insight and proactively improving effectiveness and high value behaviours (HVB).

We achieved this initially by creating a clear and comprehensive data landscape for the performance of their digital products, by merging siloed data from across the business. Standardising data collection allowed us to introduce efficiencies within the analysis process, and to focus on insight for a programme of optimisation.

Across Honda Europe’s three core divisions (Cars, Motorbikes, Power Products), we deliver quarterly deep dives into performance of their digital products, aiming to improve engagement, drive key user journeys and remove barriers towards revenue-driving conversions.

We work closely with each division team to develop recommendations into larger-scale projects or as additions to the CRO test backlog. This results in a comprehensive programme of experimentation and conversion rate optimisation for the digital platform across Europe with experiments increasing in complexity, with variables across products, personas and markets.

Increased the conversion rate by 48% year on year

Over a six month CRO programme, with 18 tests across three divisions, the winning tests implemented increased the conversion rate by 48% year on year, resulted in 55,000 additional conversions.

In addition to delivering more high-value behaviours, the programme has embedded a culture of test and learn into Honda’s organisation; regularly trialling new propositions or painted-door techniques to support business case development for significant investments.

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