Sitecore introduces AI & machine learning

The latest Sitecore update packs a lot of exciting innovations and value to help you get to market quicker, as well as refinements and enhancements to existing features.

Beyond the usual key platform and infrastructure updates, it’s worth paying special attention to the following:

Sitecore Cortex

Sitecore have built on the foundations of Cortex from version 9.0, with usable functions now available leveraging AI and Machine learning. Features like automatic content tagging and advanced personalisation can be taken advantage of by authors who are looking to take targeting to the next level with minimal configuration.

Sitecore Identity

Version 9.1 features a new login screen with a Federated Authentication service which enables Single Sign On (SSO) across Sitecore Experience Manager, Sitecore Commerce, and the Sitecore User Interface.

Sitecore Host

Acts as a common platform for all Sitecore services which enables services and apps to have a uniform deployment. This guarantees that services and apps have a homogeneous deployment benefitting from the common run-time.

Sitecore JavaScript Services (JSS)

Sitecore JSS has now matured and is here to stay, whilst Sitecore has always technically been headless due to the use of its many APIs, JavaScript services feature integration with the most popular JavaScript frameworks such as React, Vue and Angular.

Frontend developers can directly access native Sitecore features including full xDB/xConnect from their framework of choice allowing them to create real Sitecore experiences.

Universal Tracker

A micro-service-based tracking service that provides an API to enable real time tracking on any application, such as a mobile app. This will allow marketeers to enrich their data sets from their multi-channel projects.

Sitecore Omni

Omni continues to expand Sitecore’s headless capabilities to deliver a non-compromising experience. This results in marketeers benefiting from all the value of Sitecore’s platform whilst leveraging a de-coupled structure. Omni is provided with and SDK for developers to build fully fledged customer experiences.

With the latest updates, Sitecore continues to deliver on the promise of a digital experience platform, from quality of life improvements for developers to expanding its capabilities with innovations to deliver more value to your business.

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