We've signed the Armed Forces Covenant

We’ve worked closely with the Armed Forces for over a decade.

During that time, we’ve been given privileged access into the operational side of the military, and also into the lives of the men and women who sign up for a life in the service.

As a collective, we are proud of the fact that we have been able to collaborate with the Armed Forces on their recruitment efforts; ensuring that they attract, recruit, and engage new talent. But we don’t stop there, we help these individuals find their perfect role within the service to ensure that they continue to thrive. We also ensure that personnel receive the support they need throughout their careers through employee empowerment tools such as MyNavy.

That’s why we are proud to announce that as of today, we have officially signed the Armed Forces Covenant. Doing so demonstrates our understanding of the value that serving personnel, veterans and their families contribute to our business and country. Even when their time serving has come to an end and they transition into civilian work; this is where we hope to make even greater impact.

The Defence Pledge

The Defence Pledge optimises our collective values - making an impact and helping organisations deliver the best experience or outcome.

Here’s what we’ve pledged to do:

“By signing the pledge we proudly recognise the significant value that serving personnel, reservists, veterans, and military families bring to both our business and our country.

By committing to the Armed Forces Covenant, we aim to ensure that members of the Armed Forces Community do not face disadvantages in accessing public and commercial services. Special treatment may be warranted, especially for those who are injured or bereaved. By supporting these individuals, we are contributing to a fair and supportive environment for those who have served and continue to serve their country.”

We will be honouring the pledge by supporting the wide variety of individuals within the Armed Forces Community, all with different lived experiences, at different stages in their military careers and with varying needs following their time in the service.

How we'll do it

We recognise that many of the skills and attributes honed throughout military careers can be hugely valuable in the private sector. From specific technical skills, through to broader skills such as communication, organisation, leadership and the ability to work well under pressure.

Therefore, we pledge to identify, encourage and develop those individuals who have once served in the Armed Forces to embark on a successful career in digital.

For veterans, we will be supporting them in their transition into civilian careers by engaging with the Career Transition Partnership to help individuals leaving the Armed Forces find suitable civilian employment. We will be advertising our available roles through their network and further support their transition by increasing their knowledge or current experience through placements, insight days and mentoring schemes.  

For Cadet Force adult volunteers and reservists, who are still required to fulfil duties with the Armed Forces while maintaining a civilian role, we will offer flexible working patterns and enhanced leave entitlement to support them to be successful in both.

For the wider Armed Forces community, such as partners and spouses, we will support them by offering remote working solutions to complement their mobile lifestyles. 

To help enhance the impact of the Armed Forces Covenant itself, we have appointed an Armed Forces Champion to ensure accountability and continued momentum on our efforts. We will use the Covenant and Employer Recognition Scheme Logos on our communications and marketing and collaborate with other organisations who support the Covenant and Armed Forces Community, helping to increase the Covenants reach and our impact.

Offering opportunities to veterans, Reservists, and Cadet Force Volunteers enriches our talent pool with skilled and disciplined individuals. This enhances employee morale and retention and fosters a diverse and engaged workforce, who are experts in their given field.

We're equally proud and excited to have committed to the Armed Forces Covenant. We're looking forward to discovering the positive impact that our collaboration will have on the lives of people we will come into contact with, and also to feel the collective benefit of the Covenant, as an agency.

If you’d like to hear more about our commitment to the Defence pledge, then please get in touch.

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