The Higher Education Digital Experience Report

Our new research deep dives into the current digital landscape of Higher Education. Over 2,000 students were surveyed and university leaders interviewed, with the results revealing an emerging Digital Experience Gap within universities, which is only set to increase.

Download the Higher Education Digital Experience Report 2022

Every university has ‘gone digital’ to varying degrees to better support its student population. These transformations are by no means complete, and digital experiences that support students’ university lives outside learning are even further behind.

This report looks in detail at what students expect from their university’s digital experience, the benefit to universities of meeting – and even exceeding – those expectations, and the challenges universities face in attempting to close the Digital Experience Gap. 

Our research found that students expect the quality of the digital experience offered by their university to be as good as that offered face-to-face. The vast majority also believe the right digital experience would help them manage their wider student life, perform better academically, feel a part of the university, and maintain mental wellbeing. These are all factors which reduce undergraduate drop out and drive overall university performance. In addition, half the students we surveyed said the quality of a university’s digital experience was the key factor in their choice of where to study.

What’s more, there are significant differences in the adoption of these experiences by key segments of the student population. At a time when universities are actively trying to tackle diversity, inclusivity and equality, it’s alarming to discover that the students they’re trying hardest to attract may be those least likely to expect, engage with, or get value from digital experiences. 

Our report not only reveals insights but offers much needed guidance to universities that is needed in order to future proof higher education institutions as well as keep both academic and other outcomes high in an ever competing sector.

Download the Higher Education Digital Experience Report 2022

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