Three minutes with an Umbraco MVP

So Nurhak, first of all congratulations on your MVP status! What does being an MVP actually mean?

Thank you so much. It is a real privilege to be an Umbraco MVP.

Umbraco MVP stands for “Most Valuable People” and MVPs represent the best of the Umbraco community. The MVP award is a testament to the efforts and dedication of the main community contributors, it means you give to the Umbraco community in many ways, e.g. by contributing to the source code, organising meet-ups, attending conferences as a speaker, writing articles, helping people with their questions etc.

How come you were selected to be part of the special MVP club?

I have been working with Umbraco since 2014 and during this time have worked with so many versions of Umbraco. Gaining that experience led me to share my knowledge with other people, by answering their questions on multiple platforms, writing articles about complex problems, and attending Umbraco events as an attendee as well as a speaker, but for me, the breaking point was attending the Umbraco Spark event in 2020.

During this event I met with a lot of fantastic people, including Niels Hartvig - the founder of Umbraco. All these incredible people inspired me to speak up and be more visible within the Umbraco community, which eventually led me to my first Umbraco MVP award in 2022.

What does it mean for you?

I am super proud of my achievement, and it's a great motivation for me to do more for myself, Great State, Umbraco projects and the Umbraco community.

What does it mean for Great State?

Great State is a company where a lot of talented people share their knowledge and ideas daily. This year, we almost won the Best Public Sector Solution Umbraco award and now we have got our first Umbraco MVP.

Enjoying these successes has been a big motivation for the agency, and I know that we have the ambition, resources, and vision to have more Umbraco MVPs as well as win Umbraco awards whilst continuing to deliver wonderful projects for our clients.

My colleagues and I have a lot of fantastic work in the pipeline, lots of which will require Umbraco Heartcore and React integrations, as well as using Umbraco Cloud.

In your view, what’s next for Umbraco?

Umbraco has been moving in the right direction, and I expect to see more exciting news in the coming months.

It continues to get the full support of the friendly Umbraco community and when I look at the Umbraco Roadmap, I see that some exciting features are just around the corner, e.g., regional hosting options for Umbraco Cloud, 2-factor Authentication for Umbraco Cloud and Heartcore, workflow improvements for Umbraco forms and payment provider integration with Umbraco forms.

If you want to connect you can find me on: LinkedIn or Twitter

Umbraco and Great State

Great State has been an Umbraco Gold Partner for over a decade, partnering on a whole host of projects spanning from the private, to public and charitable sectors.

Umbraco is an open-source solution, perfect for businesses that don't require a full-scale enterprise solution but still need to deliver value to their business in a cost-effective way without compromising on quality. It is a highly extensible and scalable platform and the level of functionality out the box and quality of the user experience makes it very compelling, often hitting the sweet spot in terms of affordability, flexibility, speed and simplicity.

To find out more about how Umbraco could work for you and your organisation, get in touch.

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