Digital products that work harder - for less

When budgets are limited, it’s important to get the most out of your existing digital estate.

Now may not be the time in your roadmap for large-scale projects but that doesn’t mean that work needs to stop, instead businesses should be focusing on increasing return on investment. That’s where Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) comes in.

Improving return of existing assets

Optimisation programmes ensure your current assets and products will work harder and increase returns. CRO works through incremental change, culminating in significant improvements in conversion rate over time, with the added benefit of cultivating a test and learn culture, and habitual gathering of information on user behaviour in the real world. Armed with increased insight and a data-led approach to change, you’re more informed and make better decisions with more significant investments and work programmes, you build better digital products.

From hypothesis to implementation

Concentrating on quick wins, a CRO programme can produce results with minimal to no development work by testing simple changes on key pages within conversion funnels. A multi-disciplinary team across analytics, user experience and development produce data-led hypotheses for changes, incorporating stakeholder ideas and backlog changes, prioritising based on effort and impact.

Using an agile process, Great State’s CRO programmes are tailored to your budget. Whether it’s testing a new campaign landing page or running a large-scale testing programme across multiple domains and markets, CRO can scale up or down according to need and budgets, responding to business demands.

Data-led changes leading to cumulative improvements

We’ve been helping our clients make the most of their budgets recently. For one of our automotive clients, we focused on one key objective, identified the quick wins and ran a testing programme across multiple markets that resulted in an extra 55,000 conversions for circa £20,000 investment. In comparison, in a smaller localised programme, we optimised a campaign landing page for a large tea brand, generating almost 800 additional monthly leads from the implementation of one winning test.

Improvements to current products, increasing return on investment on marketing campaigns, can be achieved with (almost) any budget.