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Digital transformation within higher education

Understanding how to transform digital systems, processes and cultures for higher education institutions – and getting the right results.,format

"From the outset they were clear on how they could add value, helping us to understand how to support our students, from undergraduates to alumni."

Louise MorganUniversity of York

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Exclusive insights that will change how you see the future of higher education.

Higher education institutions are faced with adapting to a rapidly changing digital landscape.

At the same time, students are demanding more than ever from their digital experiences. We close the gap between expectation and reality.

Research, insight and mapping

Qualitative and quantitative research helps gain a deep understanding of needs and pain points, so we can provide recommendations that make a real impact on the student experience.

Designing the student experience

We use insights gathered from your students, combined with our understanding of the wider higher education landscape, to create the right experience for your institution.

Product design and development

Our user-led approach to design allows us to adapt to changing needs. That means using continuous optimisation cycles to consider everything from analytics insights to faculty feedback.

Platform evaluation and selection

Our platform-agnostic engineers can help you get the right outcome. We work with your teams to identify the right platforms, ensuring a modern, robust and scalable architecture and roadmap is in place.

Technical consultancy

Our Engineering team has decades of experience integrating systems, building new capabilities and finding innovative solutions to problems. We can match your needs to the right member of our team.

Supercharge your team

We can add value and accelerate delivery by augmenting your in-house team. That can mean increasing capacity or accelerating product direction, adding capability and upskilling internal teams.

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