Customer first digital solutions

For the past decade Great State and Sitecore have been working together to deliver game-changing digital transformation programmes.

As certified Gold Partners, we have implemented a wide range of solutions that ensure our valued clients, such as the Royal Navy, Bristol Airport and Arthritis Research UK, have exemplary digital engagement strategies that fully respond to their customers’ needs.

The Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) empowers our clients to market in the context of current and past customer interaction with their brand, across any channel and in real time. This results in a more relevant, meaningful experience for users, from the initial visit to the post-purchase engagement and nurturing.

A secure, full-service experience

For many of our key clients, Sitecore is also the partner of choice for its strict security assurances and extensive suite of experience marketing tools. These tools effectively support: campaigns, mobile personalisation and segmentation, analytics and the 360-degree customer view, experience automation, testing and optimisation, commerce, plus web content management and governance.

Gary Trimnell - Technical Director

"Sitecore's mature and comprehensive feature set enables us to deliver complex, secure and robust solutions at scale."

Gary Trimnell, Great State Technical Director

Amy Vicary - Client Services Director

"Sitecore’s flexibility allows us to deliver personalised experiences to meet our client’s customers ever changing expectations."

Amy Vicary, Great State Client Services Director

The Royal Navy

Lead digital partner

Guaranteeing future capability and helping to protect our nation’s interests.

Over the past six years, following GDS principles, we have led the Royal Navy’s strategic digital programme.

We build continuous improvement through a programme of regular digital deliveries that sit under the broad umbrella of strategic transformation. This ensures both the real-time monitoring of impact and the securing of long term success.

To grasp the full scale and complexity of the Navy's needs, we have worked directly with the First Sea Lord and his executive team. We have spent many hours on board navy ships, to gain a deep understanding of the culture, user behaviours and needs.

The outcome is an ongoing program of award-winning digital projects. Recently we've overhauled the digital recruitment offering, engaging with potential recruits from their first digital touchpoints to their long-term career experience; increasing applicant registrations by over a third.

We have been shortlisted for no less than 15 awards including the DADIs, BIMAs, Digital Impact Awards and Personnel Today. Our careers page re-design was voted in the top three most engaging and impactful careers website by the Times Top 100 Graduate recruitment awards.

Arthritis Research UK

Lead strategic digital partner

We orchestrate and deliver user-led digital products and services which help transform the lives of those with arthritis and accelerate research into finding a cure.

Arthritis Research UK has spent 50 years funding research into a condition that affects more than 10 million people nationwide. We have helped the charity complete a seismic shift in emphasis, away from pure research to a people-first strategy, delivering support and advice directly to those living with arthritis. And digital innovation is at the heart of the new approach.

People with arthritis are benefitting directly from a new suite of digital products and services, including AVA, a ground-breaking AI virtual assistant powered by IBM Watson and brought to market in under 6 months from its initial conception.

Bristol Airport

Lead strategic digital partner

We have been the Lead strategic digital partner for Bristol Airport the last 5 years.

The main airport website is underpinned by the Sitecore Experience Platform and requires many integrations including Chauntry car park booking system, MetOffice for up to date weather information, FlightChoice chartered flight feed for the destination pages and Airport2020 for accurate real-time arrival and departure times.

A technical challenge we faced was maintaining uptime of services when the site experiences ad-hoc, short term, high volume traffic due to adverse weather conditions or other incidents at the airport.

To minimise the impact in such an event, we implemented Rackspace's RackConnect feature to scale out into the cloud.