Complex solutions delivered with simplicity

We are an award-winning Umbraco Gold Partner offering strategic planning, brilliant, customer-first creative innovation and ground-breaking technical delivery.

We’ve been partners with Umbraco for more than a decade and have collaborated on a whole host of projects including our work with clients such as Honda Europe, The British Army, London Fire Brigade, Versus Arthritis, UNICEF and Orange.

Being a Gold Partner, re-enforces our commitment to the platform and has enabled us to establish a much closer working relationship with Umbraco. It also gives us greater insight into the latest roadmap, updates and best practice techniques, assisting us in optimising the platform to its full potential, maximising the value back to our clients.

An affordable and simple platform choice

Umbraco is an open-source solution, perfect for businesses that don't require a full-scale enterprise solution but still need to deliver value to their business in a cost-effective way without compromising on quality. It is a highly extensible and scalable platform and has a mature and extensive set of features that help us deliver against complex requirements whilst still being extremely easy and intuitive to use for both editorial and developer centric tasks. The level of functionality out the box and the sheer quality of the user experience makes it very compelling, and for many, it hits the sweet spot in terms of affordability, flexibility, speed and simplicity.

Gary Trimnell - Technical Director

“Umbraco is a cost-effective, yet extremely flexible and capable platform, which enables us to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently.”

Gary Trimnell, Great State Technical Director

James Hobbs - Head of Development

“We love the easy to use editing interfaces of Umbraco. It provides our clients with the best experience possible.”

James Hobbs, Great State Head of Development


Global brand guardians

Orange operates across 80 Countries and 220 territories offering a wide range of products and services to a diverse, growing audience in an ever-changing digital environment. A key challenge they face is maintaining a consistent Orange brand globally, across their wide range of products and services and varied, global audience base.

We have created and maintain an award-winning, immersive, responsive global brand platform that enables users to learn as they explore, while experiencing the new guidelines first-hand and on the move.

The site is accessed annually by over 10,000 Orange employees and 3rd party agencies across 29 countries and lies at the heart of the Orange brand expression. It forms the central point for its global roll-out and management, forming a critical component in the brand's reputation around the world.

Versus Arthritis

Lead strategic partner

For Versus Arthritis, we developed an Artificial Intelligent (AI) virtual personal assistant called AVA, to provide people with arthritis with a new way to get help without relying on the Contact Centre or other direct support.

The success of the project relied heavily on close collaboration with Versus Arthritis and IBM Watson. First, we aggregated, trained and classified the vast amounts of available unstructured data. We then used IBM Watson's natural language processing algorithms to analyse and understand the question(s) being asked and return the most appropriate answer(s).

We ensured the high availability of the service, by containerising the application and using Kubernetes to orchestrate the deployment and scaling of the solution in Microsoft Azure.

We used open source API gateway Kong to handle authentication, rate limiting, data filtering and logging and the Elastic Stack to provide an interactive business intelligence dashboard to provide deep insight into how the application is being used in order to further optimise the solution.

The View from the Shard

eCommerce partner

We implemented an ecommerce solution for The View from the Shard with a focus on optimising conversion and revenue whilst putting the customer at its heart.

The solution is deployed to Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure to ensure high availability of services and scalability to meet any increase in demand.

We used open source content management system Umbraco for its intuitive and easy to use interfaces and supported multiple languages, multiple client configurable booking funnels and tailored syndicated content.

We integrated with a number of 3rd party systems and services, including ReCreateX for ticket booking and PayPal Braintree and Ingenico for payments.

In addition, we needed to develop an additional service layer which extended the functionality of the booking API, in order to meet the client's specific requirements.