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The Great 2020 Wrap Up

The Great State 2020 agency Christmas ‘card’

It’s not been your average year. In fact, we’ll remember 2020 for a long time, but it doesn’t have to be for all the wrong reasons. At Great State, we’re naturally optimistic. So as ever, we’re looking to the positives and because nothing immediately jumped out at us, we’re using data to get the information we need, visualising it through the medium of scarf charts (obviously). So, take heart and wrap yourself in a little warmth this Christmas.

In 2020, the Christmas spirit came early. Helping those in need has been a feature of this year, and long may it continue (the spirit, not the year). One in five UK adults has volunteered time in the name of goodwill and helping others. Glad tidings, indeed.

At Great State, our bike rack is always full. And when you return to the office, yours might be too. UK bike sales have almost doubled in 2020. As a nation, we’re saddling up more and more, from two-wheeled commutes to weekend rides. And with the Government investing in infrastructure, it’s a shift that could be here to stay.

If you’ve ever been to our office, you’ll know we’ve long enjoyed the psychological benefits that pets can bring. This year, it seems the rest of the country has too. 2020 has seen a huge increase in pet adoption, which means more previously unwanted furry friends will have a place at the Christmas hearth.

Frost-kissed fields. Clear blue sky. Those crisp winter mornings feel like pure Christmas, don’t they? Well, this year, they’re purer than ever. 2020 has seen a 40% decrease in nitrogen dioxide levels in some urban areas. So, breathe in that cold, fresh air and you’ll get lungs full of oxygen like never before.