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Kia Motors and Jaguar Land Rover dealer networks: Redesigning and relaunching two dealership platforms.

What Kia and Jaguar Land Rover needed

Kia and Jaguar Land Rover were both looking for a scalable web platform to support their dealer networks from sales to after-sales to customer service. In each case, the platform needed to support individual dealerships through the sales cycle, ensure global brand consistency, and be easy to use.

What we did

For both brands we analysed the global manufacturer’s website, looking at design, layout and functionality, and adapted as many features as possible to fit the specifics of a local dealer platform.

We used the Sitecore CMS as the basis in both cases. This enabled the brands to create centralised content that could easily be distributed across the entire network, and supported all dealers in personalising content to suit their individual businesses.

In both cases we provided tailored training and customer support for the entire dealer network – 187 Kia retailers and 173 Jaguar Land Rover. We trained all dealers in person to ensure they could use all the capabilities of the platform, and for Jaguar Land Rover we also provided front-line customer support, so that dealers could call with any queries they had around using the system.

The outcome

Kia and Jaguar Land Rover both re-engaged with their dealers, who in turn felt supported by the brand and equipped to use the new platform to achieve their individual business goals.

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