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University of York for Life

Validating the University’s chosen approach to building a virtual network for alumni, staff and current students.

What the University of York needed

The University of York (UoY) sees its network of alumni as an important resource, and the alumni themselves as a potential market for upskilling and coaching services. Its alumni programme, York for Life, is a key strategic project, aiming to create a lifetime package of support through access to the University’s global network.

“It is our commitment to supporting University of York graduates – “Yorkies” – at every life-stage through tailored support, inspiration, learning and development, and networks from a source they trust; wherever they are in the world and whatever their means. The UoY for Life campus is where our Yorkies, UoY staff and students come together. It is their space in which to connect, to discover, to learn, to act and to inspire one another.”

The board had approved this concept of a ‘virtual campus’ for scoping and feasibility validation, but the University needed to verify the chosen approach would deliver against its ambition.

What we did

Great State provided UX, technical and service design specialists to confirm the University’s initial view was the right one. Our consultative team ensured we had a clear understanding of the current business insight and research. From this we validated the business view with users, mapped out user group needs and services, and assessed the technical landscape and competitor market.

The outcome

Our research allowed us to suggest ways to help determine user needs, as well as to recommend the experience, services, technology and approach that would bring an initial product to market for iterative testing and development.

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