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Spirax Group

Harnessing the power of the Sitecore experience platform for time and cost efficiencies within a global B2B brand.

Spirax Group provides mission critical thermal energy and fluid technology solutions to customers in a diverse range of industrial sectors.

The Group spans over 135 years and is home to three solutions-focused Businesses that put solving customers problems at the heart of their total solutions approach. 

Spirax Group needed support in delivering an industry-leading website, to present them as the FTSE 100 company that they are, with a flexible employee experience to own content entry and empower the team to make regular enhancements.

That’s where we came in, tasked with innovating and re-building the Spirax Group website in just 11 weeks, to allow a multi-faceted launch alongside a re-brand and the new Group Headquarters office opening.

Here’s how we did it

We harnessed the power of the Sitecore Experience Platform, to deliver a scalable and highly available website:

  • By utilising the powerful but simple Sitecore CMS, we ensured editors with all level of ability were empowered to take ownership of the end-to-end customer information journey. Although simple, the flexibility of the platform also represents the scale and complexity of the business avoiding the limitations of other more templated solutions.
  • Our efficient approach to code and component re-use from other successfully launched Spirax Sarco brand websites, enabled us to add value multipliers back to the business from a timings perspective; delivering against a lean deadline whilst also releasing time back to internal teams to do more, and from a cost perspective with both a cheaper build and allowing for hosting and maintenance savings across the business.
  • The new brand was carefully applied to the existing components, to move the look and feel forward and ensure that the website is a true representative of the business strength and status and stands out from others in the group.
  • Making use of the Sitecore platform licence to host multiple websites on the same instance has also simplified the digital estate and operational management.

Using our component libraries, page builder templates and adaptable design system for new brands helped provide a 3x more efficient web build, and their teams are now free to create new content pages in just a few clicks with no developer admin.

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